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Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
row where they remain unchanged and it is better than economists expected. google announced they are working on a touch screen chrome book and they say the google chrome book will uncut the surface tablet and they are not clear when the new device will go on sale. >>> in san francisco, it took more than an hour for police to break it up. this was part of a bigger problem. >>> giant gold fish in lake tahoe, how they got there and the big problems they could cause. . >>> dow jones industrial average down 61 points and a couple of stocks to watch, wal- mart reported mixed news and right now that stock is up 6%. >>> they shot some video of a shocking scene monday morning. >> call the cops. >> you are seeing several street fights, a fight broke out in san francisco and it took police more than an hour to break it all up two officers got hurt. drunk and fights are happening more often and it is a problem where police are understaffed. >> there is a need for more patrols and i have seen the good times and bad times and this is a low point unfortunately. >> the problem for nightclubs keep ha
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
. >>> microsoft is compromising google and the people who used the g-mail service. they ran billboard ads saying people using it are tar getting g-mail users for specific ads. >>> they want to launch a price lead although it has 20 competitors. best buy has struggled to compete with other retailers. >>> boy, she is fast. >>> danika patrick how she made auto history this weekend at daytona beach. >>> a ceremony to say goodbye to a peian know, why the -- piano, why this man decided to set his instrument on fire. . >>> it happened on the street and police responded to system got there they found a 30-year- old man who had been shot several times in the legs. the suspect's car was found nearby but it was empty and so far no suspect information has been released. >>> the united states is warning americans to be very careful at one of peru's most famous destinations. it attracts hundreds of tourists every year but in peru, they may want to kidnap american tourists. this threat may be connected to a rebel group known as the shining path. they recently started a crackdown on drug de
Feb 18, 2013 5:00am PST
one of the biggest arrive are yous -- rivalries. they attack how they say google is minding g-mail for users. they do have software that might interest g-mail users and industry users say it has been an accepted structure for years. >>> police responded to gunfire detection system and when they arrived they found a 30-year- old male with multiple gunshot wounds to his legs. so far there is no suspect information which has been released. >>> we are finding out how part rays could affect the cost of oysters. they are making a final legal push and if it does close, ouster prices will go up. tomorrow they will hear arcments. this that happens, the price of moisture is about to go up since they are responsible for productions. >>> the show is over for a local you tube musician. for two weeks, he has been playing his piano on a bluff in half-moon bay and he had planned to do it every night for a month but without a permit he decided to stop and he decided to officially retire the piano with fire. >> so many people are enjoying this and i feel very proud. >> his sister said setting the pi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3